60SecondTraffic Review

I will be writing about the 60SecondTraffic using the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is 60 Second Traffic?
  • Steps to using 60 Second Traffic
  • 60 Second Traffic Features
  • 60 Second Traffic and THE “60 SECOND RULE”
  • Who is 60Second Traffic for?
  • 60 Second Traffic Benefits
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Frequently Asked Questions about 60 Second Traffic
  • 60 Second Traffic OTOs And Price



Every single website, offer, or campaign on the internet depends on traffic. You won’t be able to succeed online without it. 60 Second Traffic comes in handy here.

60 seconds Traffic delivers just what it promises: real, measurable results in record time. It has MASS APPEAL and has been tried and true. Everyone on the internet needs traffic.

What is 60 Second Traffic?

It is all-new Patent Pending FREE online traffic app proven to send as much as 150+ free leads and buyers to ANY LINK in 60 seconds a pop, which repeats the process over, and over, and over……

Also, 60ST is your “ONE STOP SHOP” for sending 1000’s of free clicks to just about any ethical offer you can imagine.

It another type of “set it and forget it” traffic that is delivered on AUTOPILOT once scheduled.

If you have wasted tens of thousands of dollars promoting links within results, 60 Second Traffic is absolutely for you.

3 STEPS to using 60 Second Traffic

STEP 1: You log into the app.

STEP 2. You schedule your free traffic to ANY affiliate or offer link. (…This is where the 60 Second Rule “happens”!)

STEP 3. You sit back while the app sends you the traffic like an obedient little robot – and that’s literally all there is to it (rinse, and repeat!)

What are you waiting for?

If you’re sick and tired of having an empty PayPal, and online accounts with $0.00 balances… 60 Second Traffic is for you.

Stunning 60 SECOND TRAFFIC Features….

☑️ The world’s easiest free traffic app EVER

☑️ ZERO monthly fees when you GET it

☑️ Schedule traffic in a few clicks, and enjoy!

☑️ Works great with WarriorPlus, Clickbank, JVZoo, etc – virtually any payment or affiliate platform

☑️ FREE Featured Ad Listings Included

☑️ 100% equal playing field w/ no following needed

☑️ 100% free traffic that performs like it’s PAID

☑️ Secret FREE BONUS app included (watch our short video above to get the scoop)

60ST offers real, 100% free unlimited traffic on tap for literally EVERYBODY.

Trigger Endless Free Traffic That Converts Like It’s Paid

60 Second Traffic and THE “60 SECOND RULE”

The 60ST is BASED on this rule: Every 60 seconds of your time should result in at least 60 minutes worth of income results.

So for example: If you spend 60 seconds doing some task online (or off), the results should be equivalent to if you’d worked at least one full hour.

So again, you’re doing a 60 second task and getting PAID just as if you’d worked an hour… or even a day… or even a MONTH.

In a nutshell, you are LEVERAGING on small things to GET BIG things.

What do I need to know to be able to use 60 Second Traffic app?

NO Tech skills required. Just COPY. PASTE. & GET 100’S OF FREE CLICKS.

If you can copy and paste a link online – you know, like an affiliate link, or link to any family-friendly website…

…then YOU have all it takes to get 100’s of FREE leads and buyer clicks with 60ST. Over and over again. Day in and day out.

It really is that simple, and 110% newbie friendly – while remaining a powerful and viable traffic source good enough for the pros.

Who is 60SecondTraffic for?

If you’re sick and tired of having an empty PayPal, and online accounts with $0.00 balances…

✔️ College student in need of cash.

✔️ 40+ year old individual seeking home income.

✔️ 65+ year old in need of retirement income.

✔️ Single mom in need of childcare income.

✔️ Home owner looking to cover mortgage payments.

✔️ Car owner looking to pay off a car.

✔️ Internet marketing ‘hobbyist’ who wants to make ‘fun money’.

✔️ Entrepreneur with a $10K per month online income goal.

60 Second Traffic Benefits

60ST is the perfect free traffic app to fuel your:

☑️ WarriorPlus.com commissions

☑️ Paypal commissions

☑️ Clickbank commissions

☑️ JVZoo commissions

☑️ Infusionsoft commissions

☑️ Nanacast commissions

…And commissions on virtually ANY payment or affiliate platform.

And as long as your offer is family friendly (no porn or scams, obviously), you can instantly schedule FREE traffic to be sent to any offer.


Here is the REASON why it is priceless: 60ST allows you to schedule unlimited autopilot clicks and traffic to any link day after day, week after week, and month after month – with NO END.

The Deal……

Whatever your income goal may be, 60ST is ready and waiting to deliver the free traffic needed to help make it happen.

Other Benefits

If you want to build a list from scratch or add to an existing one, 60ST traffic is perfect for getting LEADS into your:

Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, GoGVO, TrafficWave, Constant Contact

…And virtually ANY autoresponder or list app on the market, 60 Second Traffic is what YOU need…

What YOU wouldn’t need again…..

With 60ST, there’s absolutely NONE of the following:

❌ NO list building.

❌ NO social media “audience” needed.

❌NO search engine optimization.

❌ NO website building.

❌ NO building groups or social media pages

❌ NO traffic-getting experience needed whatsoever.


When you decide to give 60ST a full test drive, you have an assurance of having YOUR money back..

If you decide that it’s just not for you, for whatever reason…

simply contact the developer’s friendly support center within 7 days of your order to get your money back.

Not only that, but they will PAY YOU $1,000 CASH if you haven’t gotten any traffic.

Why 7 days? …Because you can expect to see autopilot clicks and traffic – and even potential sales – starting from DAY 1. And they will naturally have to reserve their valuable autopilot commission-getting traffic for their faithful 60ST app users.

That being said, you’d obviously get to keep all leads and commissions made during your stay…

So clearly, the only risk here is not taking action with 60ST.

60 Second Traffic App

It another type of “set it and forget it” traffic that is delivered on AUTOPILOT once scheduled. If you have wasted tens of thousands of dollars promoting links within results, 60 Second Traffic is absolutely for you.

60 Second Traffic OTOs And Price

OTO 1 – 60ST’s 500 DAILY CLICKS MACHINE – ($27)

The 60ST basic app allows users to schedule/run up to 15 ads on the network per day. OTO 1 unlocks UNLIMITED free daily ads for users.

OTO 2: Free traffic autobot ($37)

This exciting upgrade gives 60ST app users the ability to automatically “Feature” their regular ads, effectively DOUBLING their traffic and exposure on complete autopilot.

OTO 3: Free $700 ads generator ($37)

OTO 3 unlocks the “Super Feature” tool, which in turn enables 60ST app users to post additional, completely different ads on our network – essentially banner ads that run for 30 days straight (each) on the network. Users can expect 100’s and even 1000’s of additional free clicks on complete autopilot with this upgrade.

OTO 4: $1000 payday widget ($47)

Takers of OTO 4 are automatically monetized with a total of 7 back-end offers – including a high ticket webinar offer that pays up to $1,000-a-pop.

OTO 5: 6 figure cruise club ($97)

Takers of OTO 5 are set up with SIX additional income streams (multiple streams of income) delivered in the form of getting instant, fully upgraded access to 6 of our other best selling income systems…

These include Stacker, Shuffler, MonsterMode and more – $1000’s worth of award winning income systems at a fraction of the regular price.

Frequently Asked Questions About 60 Second Traffic

✔️ What is 60ST?

Answer: 60ST is a groundbreaking new cloud-based online free traffic app…

Simply log in, schedule your free autopilot traffic to any link in 60 seconds, and then sit back while 60ST delivers up to 150+ free clicks a pop. Rinse and repeat – endlessly.

✔️ Where does the traffic come from?

Answer: The best, “non techie” way to answer the question is this: We invented a patent pending and highly effective way to build a spam-free following/list of tens of 1000’s of people for each of our app users on AUTOPILOT – so quite simply, your daily traffic comes from this massive following/list… like clockwork!

✔️How long does setup take?

Answer: Set up takes 3-5 minutes, and then you’re done for life.

✔️ What kind of training is involved?

Answer: There is virtually no training needed, and absolutely no experience needed, to get started. Our “training” comes in the form of a very short video that shows you how to instantly begin scheduling free autopilot clicks and traffic to any link in just seconds.

✔️ How much traffic can I get?

Answer: Your traffic potential is unlimited and fully scalable. There is no cap. You will receive 1000’s upon 1000’s of clicks the more you use the app by scheduling traffic to your favorite links.

✔️ Will this work on my device?

Answer: Yes, 60ST is cloud-based and will therefore work on any device with an Internet connection.

✔️ Will this work from my country?

Answer: Absolutely. 60ST works worldwide.

✔️ How do I get paid?

This all depends on what offers you choose to promote using 60ST. If you promote a Clickbank.com offer you’ll be paid by Clickbank, for example. As another example, if you promote a WarriorPlus.com product your commissions will be automatically sent to your WarriorPlus wallet (as shown below). And so on.

60 Second Traffic App SUMMARY

  • 1st-ever PATENT PENDING free traffic app
  • Schedule 100% free traffic in 60 seconds, delivered on AUTOPILOT
  • Deliver 1000’s of FREE leads & buyers to ANY link
  • Nothing else like it – new FREE source
  • Instant, Fast, And FREE
  • Get free clicks, leads & sales TODAY
  • Works in any niche
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Supplement The AUTOPILOT Lifestyle