The Menopause Companion

The Menopause Companion is a comprehensive eBook on menopause symptoms, treatment and home remedies. Most women spend their hard earned money buying supplements without including the secrets revealed in this E-book. That is why they are not getting relief from the most worrisome symptoms (like hot flashes, virginal dryness and many others) – Know why your menopause symptoms are not eliminated with the content of this book.

The Menopause Companion

What’s in the Menopause Companion?

When you get the menopause companion, you will know:

✔️What menopause is not

✔️ Causes of Menopause

✔️ Natural way menopause occur

✔️ Induced/Premature way menopause occur

✔️ Stages of Menopause

✔️ 26 Menopause Symptoms: Causes & triggers (Irregular periods, Heavier or longer periods, Headaches, Hot Flashes or Hot flushes, Mood swings, Low sex drive/Loss of libido, Breast pain or tenderness, Fatigue, Weight gain, etc.)

✔️ Classification of the menopausal symptoms (Physical Symptoms, Psychological Symptoms, and Urogenital Symptoms)

✔️ Menopause Stages & Symptoms

✔️ Menopause Management & Treatment

✔️ Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

✔️ Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

✔️ Side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

✔️ Natural Therapies/Remedies for relieving 26 menopause symptoms (Alternatives to HRT)

✔️ And Many more

Why should I get The Menopause Companion?

A lot of women takes supplement to relief their menopausal

symptoms and live a comfortable life during the menopause.

However, some of these supplements usually don’t work for

some women. This is because there are lots of recommended

diet and lifestyle changes with potent supplements that these

women still don’t know.